Lessons in truth learned from the Duke University lacrosse team scandal, spiritual lessons from The Twilight Zone, the difference between prayer and spiritual warfare, the staggering implications of the battle of angels in the book of Daniel, and how a missionary left beaten and unconscious witnessed to an entire community. (Plus Richard Wurmbrand and several biblical pictures of deliverance!)

The fire of the Reformation still burns. Learn a quick history of the Reformation and of the life or Martin Luther and how both of these led to our current Bibles and hymns, and way more importantly the truth about grace. Know the power and freedom of living in faith and of not depending on anyone other than Jesus, not even yourself. Instead, learn what it is to be free to do what you want. 

See the true biblical meaning of blood and water, discover the greatest missionary to China who read the Bible 40 times in seven months, and learn how the Kidron valley is a magnificent picture of Christ.

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Learn how to turn your adversities in altars, listen to how you can rebuild your life one brick at a time, understand how faith destroys fear, and hear about one of the most magnificent miracles in modern day history.

How a UFC fighter learned to fight for the forgotten people of the world, what impact Robin William's death had on the comedy community, how pain drives us but what more is needed to sustain us, and the true meaning of the vine and branches Jesus talked about.

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How Jesus was in the tomb a literal 3 days and 3 nights if he was crucified on Friday and rose on Sunday, how his enemies unknowingly chose him as the Passover Lamb, one question to reorganize your priorities, plus historical blunders and why one man was voluntarily executed on behalf of a stranger.

  • 18:38

The 3 things the Holy Spirit is ALWAYS doing; the real consequence of compromise, a personal story about Prince, what is wrong with 85% of churches, the truth about going home, the vast difference between life in the flesh and life in the Spirit, and the most beautiful picture of true discipleship you will probably ever hear.

  • 23:33

What Peter's greatest failure reveals about your victory, what Dwight Moody learned to use to defeat the devil and how you can too, how Vince Lombardi's temper changed a man's life, and the power of the cross.

Why Jesus compared himself to a serpent, what Satan really looked (looks) like (it was not a snake), how Fanny Crosby wrote one of her most beloved hymns and how people really feel about others, why some prayers are not heard, and why Paul changed his name (hint: it is not what you have heard.)

Does God think about you? The scripture's answer to that question will change everything you have ever believed. Plus, the amazing testimony of Steven Curtis Chapman, what you can learn from a man named Jairus, the importance of the storms of life, and the ONE thing you MUST do to be happy. 

How an angel of mercy transformed a Civil War battlefield, how Washington inspired an army, why Paul describes spiritual armor the way he does and how it can transform your prayer life, how a soldier survived being tortured as a POW, what simple tool stopped Hannibal, and the way each of these examples points to your position of victory in Christ. (Plus awesome quotes and the five hardest words you may ever say!)

  • 22:24

The level above success, what to say to an atheist or a Muslim, Communion and the three spring Feasts Christ fulfills, why restaurants design their chairs to be uncomfortable, the conundrum of Caiaphas, the ring John Newton dreamed about, and how Rembrandt immortalized his own need of a Savior in a painting.

Four things that shape your identity, why Judas chose 30 pieces of silver, what the fish symbol represents, how one woman's kindness during WWII changed a nation, and how one of the most famous singer's of all time went from death to life and found freedom from addiction and pain.

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